"Lift Every Voice" -- 2020 Reflection Art Print

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When the pandemic hit the world, many of us experienced a "stay home" order mid March of 2020. Many of the business in downtown Portland boarded up their windows and went home. Slowly murals and artistic graffiti filled the empty, boarded up streets to bring people some joy. Then in late May the Black Live Matter protests started and more art, lettering, and messages filled the city. As an urban photographer, I knew this was changing the face of our urban landscape on a weekly (even daily) basis. I had to capture what I could during this historic year. This compilation is part of a series of new pieces that show some of the basic messages painted and posted in Portland. I am sharing these in hope they bring you a more thoughtful, positive memory of 2020 in which the challenges of 2020 hopefully help inspire a more united future. 

15% of print sales of this series will go to the NAACP.

This is fine art print printed on fine art paper with long-lasting pigment inks