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East Burnside Neighborhood - Wood Print

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This "Reconstructing East Burnside" piece was created by printing directly on birch panels using UV coated pigment ink then a light coating is applied to protect it. The resulting effect gives my cityscapes a sharp contrasting sepia tone over a natural soft backdrop. 

It has a wire-back hanger so it is ready to hang as is! No framing is needed!

Note: Due to the organic nature of wood, there will be slight variations of grain and color for each piece.

This is a one-of-a-kind piece. 


More about this piece:

"Reconstructing East Burnside" -- Portland, Oregon

I photographed the East Burnside area for a client and it allowed me to take a closer look at this unique microcosm where all types of small businesses and residential buildings coexist. It is in the process of being taken over by development. I decided I wanted to depict a scene of the area where change is occurring so we could see the contrast of the old and the new.

Through this work, I want to raise the issue of balancing new growth with preserving our history, retaining long term residents, and considering the unique culture of Portland. I walk the streets photographing Portland. Then I combine many photographic elements together. I can envision spatial connections along with location, cultural, and historical synchronicities and see how all these can be connected and juxtaposed in a single, cohesive, and meaningful scene.