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New York City Etching & Relief print -- Two-sided Accordion Print

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"I'm an Artist not a Tourist" - New York City, Etched & Relief Accordion Print. An Original piece of Art which is a hand-pulled, photographic etching print of the Artist and Tourists taking photos of NYC. Who are really the artists and who really are the tourists?

To make my photographic montage etchings, I start by taking photos of buildings and signs I want to use, then I compose my scenes on the computer creating a photomontage, fitting the most culturally significant objects together like a puzzle into a cohesive scene.

To make the etching plates, I use a polymer photogravure technique to translate the photographic elements into printed form and then combine several plates into a single scene. I ink the plates with Akua water-based ink, and print them on Rives BFK cotton-based paper. Each square in the artwork is a different plate. It all comes together when I run the final through on an etching press – pictured above.

Each print is numbered, hand signed, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Etching print on one side, a Relief print on the other. It is folded accordion style and it stands up on its own.
Dimensions: 15"x20"x5"
Limited Edition of 13
# Plates: 8
Technique: Polymer Photogravure & Relief

Materials: photo polymer plates, camera, etching press, computer, water based ink, cotton based archival paper, solarplate.