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New York City Etching -- I am Artist not a Tourist -- Two-sided Accordion Print

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"I'm an Artist not a Tourist" - New York City, Etched Accordion Print. An Original piece of Art which is a hand-pulled, photographic etching print of the Artist and Tourists taking photos of NYC. One side is of Times Square and the other is around Wall Street. Who are really the artists and who really are the tourists?

To make my photographic montage etchings, I start by taking photos of buildings and signs I want to use, then I compose my scenes on the computer creating a photomontage, fitting the most culturally significant objects together like a puzzle into a cohesive scene.

To make the etching plates, I use a polymer photogravure technique to translate the photographic elements into printed form and then combine several plates into a single scene. I ink the plates with Akua water-based ink, and print them on Rives BFK cotton-based paper. Each square in the artwork is a different plate. It all comes together when I run the final through on an etching press – pictured above.

Each print is numbered, hand signed, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Dimensions: 15"x20"x5" - Two sided etching, accordion style print which stands up on it's own
Limited Edition of 5
# Plates: 8
Technique: Polymer Photogravure

Materials: photo polymer plates, camera, etching press, computer, water based ink, cotton based archival paper, solarplate.